Fed up of plucking and waxing those brows? Want a painless way to keep on top of those brows? 
Look no further, tame your fierce brows using our folding eyebrow styler



Folding Eyebrow Styler 2pcs [A'PIEU]

    • Material : [Razor] Stainless Steel, [Handle] ABS
    • Size : Razor 21.8mm, Folded 76mm, Unfolded 141mm
  • 1. Apply a few drops of lotion on or near the eyebrow area
    for skin protection and for a smoother shave.
    2. Lean the tool as much as possible to one side
    and carefully trimming eyebrow.
    3. Wipe the residue and hairs away after use.

    🔥 HOT TIP: For best results, use after a hot shower or bath! 

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